Terms of Partnership

Here are our basic terms of partnership with Triple C Hotels & Resorts

Contract Length

Minimum 3 years contract with option to extend for another 3 years.

Monthly Fees

Negotiable monthly retainer.

Flexible basic management fee a percentage of total revenue.

Flexible sales & marketing fee a percentage of room revenue.

Other Fees

Flexible Incentive fee a percentage of GOP (result oriented)


Limited liability for both parties in case of legal disputes.

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Hospitality general Management

Hospitality Management

General management of new and existing hotels and resorts.

Sales & Marketing for hospitality businesses

Sales & Marketing

Goal orientated sales and marketing for hotels and resorts.

E-Commerce and internet marketing for hospitality businesses


Digital sales and marketing for hospitality projects.

Hospitality Asset Management

Asset Management

Owners representation for hospitality projects.

Pre opening and Technical Services Agreements

Technical Services

Pre-opening & technical services contracts for hospitality projects.

Project Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Rationally and objectively review potential for proposed hotel projects.


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